Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ditching the Coal ...


90% Cheeks, 10% Everything Else

The Crew Sharing a Laugh

Our Princess and Her Shining Knight

The Kids realized the gravity of the 350-something day stay on the naughty list and wanted to make a last ditch effort to get put on the "nice list". As you can see, they are hamming it up in front of the Christmas tree and putting on a really good show just in case Santa is watching. I think their hard work will payoff!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Motivation, My Life, My World

There are four things in my life that makes life worth living.

The first, is the boy who made me a Daddy - - - Matthew. He is a perfect blend of me and Kim ... and at the same time a perfect blend of Kyle and Mallory. He is loving and sweet, crazy and unpredictable, and curious and independent. He gives me a run for my money, but he brings me unmatched joy.

The second is Mallory. She is the perfect little girl. She is sweet and loving. She makes my heart flutter with every "Dada" and every tear. There is no woman in my life more perfect than my precious buttercup.

Third, Kyle is the bear - in every sense of the word. He is cuddly and gentle, but also burly and rough. He gives great bear hugs, and has quickly become the family joke-ster. He is the
"little-Matthew" of the house and does everything his big brother does.

Finally, but not the least, my wife Kimberly is a key ingredient in my motivation for life. She keeps the family together and united. She keeps me focused on my family and my goals. She is a friend when I am frustrated, depressed, angry, or sad. She knows when to give me space and when to embrace me. Kimberly is a great mother, and a great wife.

My family is my focus, my passion and my life. I appreciate them everyday, and think about them every minute. There is no luckier man.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Night Out

It only took a year and a half since the babies were born ... but we had a night out that wasn't a trip to the emergency room. Kimberly and I went to Megan and Franco's wedding. It was unbelievably humid, and there was a brief monsoon during the cocktail hour ... but all-in-all I had a good time. It was night to get away from the kids, have a few drinks, enjoy each other's company, and to support a couple of friends as they tie the noose, ummm....I mean knot. The babies god parents, Josh and Nicole, were watching all three kids. They did a superb job. All 3 kids were in bed sleeping when we got home, dishes were done and our living room was clean ... man, we gota have them babysit more often!

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Best Photo Ever

Mommy was scared today. She was taking the three kids to the park again and past experience has showed her that they would all be darting in different directions and she'll have the the impossible task of corralling them. However, she was being daring and decided to risk it and take all three kids to the park. If she only knew that the kids would be there for each other, she would have been able to smile long before she snapped this picture. The kids went for a walk hand-in-hand-in-hand. They really love each other and look out for each other. It couldn't have been a better day for mom or the kids.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Shopping with Daddy

Mom was at work and Nana was watching the twins, so I took Matthew food shopping at ShopRite. I must have overworked him because he passed out quickly. He wanted me to hold his head up so he could sleep. We compromised and he agreed to use the napkins and TP as a pillow. The napkins muffled out the snoring, but were soaked with drool! A lot of moms doing their food shopping were getting a kick out of Matthew's nap. Next time I'm taking the nap and Matthew is pushing the cart!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


The family stood in line at the mall for what felt like fourteen hours - but was probably two hours - to get a picture with the EASTER BUNNY! Matthew made a friend in line and the two of them ran in circles, hid behind plants, and made non-violent "no need to call the authorities" type of mischief. Mallory loved the Easter Bunny and kept pointing at him and blowing kisses to him while we were waiting in line. She couldn't stop hugging him when she sat on his lap. Kyle was intrigued, but unimpressed. I am not so sure the Easter Bunny appreciated Kyle's general disregard for his celebrity status. "E-Bun," as the Easter Bunny is known by his friends in the Bloods, went "old school" on Kyle and dropped him twice on the floor. Once Daddy caught Kyle, the second time Kyle was not so lucky and went "boom." Kyle's a tough kid and didn't mind so much that he got trapped in between the Perpetrating Hare and Matthew's seat, but Mommy exchanged a few unpleasant words with the Rascally Rabbit. All I know is that if Kim sees E-Bun going hippity-hoppity down the bunny trail in his low-riding, tinted windowed Volkswagon Rabbit, she better duck and cover because it could be a drive by.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Box of Babies

Just Another Day


Although Mommy has her days where the children torture her with demands, yelling, whining, clinging, hitting, kicking, crying and every other method known to their kind ,,, it's not alway driving mom up a wall. In a rare, but beautiful moment, Mommy is enjoying the torture. Ahhhh .... the Merriment of Madness!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Chuckie Cheese for Three

The Kids had a day at Chuckie Cheese. All three kids enjoyed the Carousel. This is the best video I could take with my cell phone holding on to Kyle.

No Nap for Mommy !

Mommy was bumming around the house in the morning and tried to steal a few extra winks before getting ready for the day. The kids had other plans. As you can see - Mally has the mastermind evil laugh, Kyle is acting like he's not involved and Matthew is ... uh ... pleading insanity. We hope Mommy learned a lesson. No sleepy sleepy with three kids!

Daddy's World

Daddy and Matthew recently went to a Trenton Devils minor league hockey game. Matthew was dead tired but determined to polish off as much cotton candy as possible. In his haste he forgot to open his mouth and the cotton candy stuck to his face. His eyes say bed time, but his face says more cotton candy. Next time we'll have to go to a day game!

Friday, February 8, 2008

It's been a while....

The past month and a half has been insane to say the least. I haven't had much time for posting, so here goes a quick update....

Matthew no longer attends Creative Beginings at the "Y". He is now at St. Mark's preschool, still through the "Y". He was going five half days and now he's down to two. It sounds backwards but he kept getting sick and most of the time he was only there two days out of the five anyway. We decided the move would be best for our family. Matthew is adjusting well to his new school. He likes his new teacher and we haven't had any complaints. He does miss Ms. Jenny, so we will have to visit her soon. Matthew is becoming quite the artist. I am always surprised at the stuff he draws. He is very creative. I guess he has his father's talent.

Kyle is WALKING! He is walking all over the place and even trying to run. He has become so independent and doesn't want to be held anymore. He just wants to be on the go. He is saying many words....the cutest one has to be when he says, "Barney".

Mallory is doing so well. She has made great strides. And eventhough she is not walking yet, I am no longer concerned about her physcial developement. She is such a comedian. She will kiss you so sweetly and then smack you and laugh. She is the definition of comedy and tradgey. She also is becoming a drama queen and faking her crying. She may be able to fool her daddy, but I don't fall for it! We are finally able to put her hair in PIG-TAILS, and it looks so adorable on her!

Both Mallory and Kyle LOVE books. They are constantly bringing us books to read to them. As soon as you finish one book her comes the other baby with another book, again and again. I hope their love of reading will be lifelong.







Chris, Matthew, Kyle, Mallory and Niece Britanie

Chris, Matthew, Kyle, Mallory and Niece Britanie
Daddy having fun with the family

March of Dimes Walk 2007

March of Dimes Walk 2007
Spiderman, Matthew and Chris

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