Friday, December 21, 2007

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Gotta love this smile!

Oreo Cookies!

Daddy thought it would be a good idea to give the babies oreo cookies for the first time. He handed the cookies to them on his way out the door to go back to work after lunch. These pictures explain it all!

Kyle took his first Step!!!!

OMG!! On Monday, Kyle took his first step. He was standing up holding on to Matthew. Matthew moved and Kyle just stayed there and he saw a toy that he wanted, he took one step and then dove!

On Wednesday, Kyle took three steps!!!

He's going to be walking soon!! I am in so much trouble!!!!!!

Mallory's Crawling!!!!!

All last week, she was trying so hard. This week, she finally got it! I am so happy for her. She was beginning to get frustrated because she couldn't get to where she wanted to go. Along with the Early Intervention Physical Therapy, she will be having Out Patient Physical Therapy once a week. She still has very week muscle tone. We need to strengthen her core, neck and shoulders. They don't think she will need therapy for too much longer.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I have been a very good girl....

When I came home from Christmas shopping yesterday, I had a very special guest waiting for me. It was Santa!!! He came to my house and took me on a sleigh ride. I had a very good time and I was very lucky to get a picture of the unforgettable experience!

Putting the Angel on the Tree...

Sick Kids!

This picture is of Mallory and Kyle bundled up to go to the ER.
On Thursday, all three kids went to the allergist and all three kids were diagnosed with asthma. Friday morning, babies were not responding to the nebulizer treatments and were having trouble breathing. I took them both to Peds Express, after 4 back to back hospital breathing treatments, Mallory responded and started to breathe with ease. After 5, Kyle was still not responding, so they did a chest x-ray and he has pneumonia also! Bad news! They said they had to keep him. Fast forward two days, numerous breathing treatments, oxygen, IV antibiotics, IV steroids, IV fluids, and many IV pokes, to Sunday afternoon, Kyle has not made any change! Doctor says it's up to me, I can either let him stay one more day or take him home and treat him just like I was treating him before I brought him in. I brought him home! He is now improving! Go figure!
The only thing good about the whole hospital experience, is that I got to witness something really special. Santa came to the Pediatric floor. He was accompanied by a slew of bikers with Toys for Tots. The bikers looked so tough on the outside, but wore their hearts on their sleeves. Every kid on the floor got to sit on Santa's lap and even got a present, including visiting siblings. It was very special!
I know we can't go the rest of the season germ free but I would like to keep it hospital free!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My This and My That!

Kyle's favorite word right now is "that". He'll point to something and say, "that?" or "was that?". Mallory's favorite word right now is "this". Whatever she's touching, she'll look at you and say, "this?". The are complete opposites. It's so hard to believe they shared a womb.
They had their one year check up. Kyle's stats are 23 lbs, 30 inches. He is 50 % for weight and height and 90 % for head circumference. Mallory's stats are 21lbs 12.8oz, 29 3/4 inches. She is 50 % for weight, 75 % for height and 90 % for head circumference. They have come a long way. One year ago, they were 3 lb babies and only 16 inches long.
Kyle is crawling all over the place and getting in to everything. He is so curious! He is cruising along the furniture and we think he might be walking by Christmas. He loves to get around and play as long as I don't leave the room. He is my sensitive one.
Mallory is trying very hard to crawl. She is so independent! She wants to be on the go so bad. We think she might be crawling by Christmas. No matter what is going on she will be so quiet sitting or laying somewhere entertaining herself. She only cries if something is really wrong. When she cries, everyone comes running. She's my tough one, but she has her dad wrapped so tight around her little finger!!! She plays him so hard and he knows it, but knows there's nothing he can do about it. She completely melts him with one look!!!

Matthew has Pneumonia!

Saturday he started out with a cough. I thought he was just starting a cold. Sunday the cough got worse and he got a low grade fever around 99. Monday fever was 101 but he still seemed fine. Especially since for Thanksgiving he was sick with a virus and was averaging 104 degree temp. I thought it was the same thing. Monday night, he vomited and his cough became worse. Through the night, I could see that he was having some breathing difficulties. Tuesday morning his temp was 102 and he was struggling to breathe. He was having retractions in his belly and his neck. I took him in to the doctor, who then rushed us over for a stat chest x-ray. Then we found out it was pneumonia. He is on antibiotics and nebulizer treatments. Today is Wednesday and other then his cough, you can't even tell that he's sick. I have to take him to an allergist tomorrow for a follow up to make sure he's okay. So crazy!
Now today, both babies are coughing and wheezing!!! Hopefully we can head it off with them before it gets worse.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Here are all Matthew, Mallory and Kyle's cousins. It's so very rare that we get them all together. Matthew and Cole were the protesters, they did not want to be photographed.

Left to Right: Kyle, Britane, Mallory, Mckenna, Jacob, Josh, Matthew, Gemma, Tyler and Cole.

Mallory and Kyle are ONE!!!!

Yesterday was the big day. This time has gone so fast. Certain moments over the past year stay frozen in my mind, however most of it is just one big blur. We had a small party for them at home. So many special people came! Thank you to all who shared this momentous time with us!

Our Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was great! Chris, Matthew and Myself were all sick with fevers, but I still cooked. The show must go on! Matthew was too sick to eat, he just sat on the couch while we ate until he fell asleep. The babies loved dinner as you can see from above. That was our big 25 lb Turkey. All of which is gone by today, Sunday. Now that the family is complete, many new traditions to start.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sharing my Thanks on Thanksgiving!!!

This time last year, I lay in a hospital bed seven months pregnant with twins. Not knowing what would happen or could happen, I was alone with my thoughts. Chris was home with Matthew at night and I couldn't sleep. In a situation like that you try to remain positive, however no matter how hard you try, the worry creeps in. I never shared the thoughts I had that night with anyone until tonight.
It was the night before Thanksgiving and I was so scared. I thought about how if I lost those babies, holidays will never be the same, especially not Thanksgiving. How could I celebrate year after year? I know I would have to for the sake of Matthew, but is that possible? Would I be able to fake holiday cheer?
Then my thoughts went else where. The possibility of the babies nor myself making it. I couldn't bear the thought of the pain that would cause Chris and Matthew. How could Matthew grow up without a mother? His holidays would be ruined. I knew he would have his extended family there to share his holidays and life with and him nor Chris would be alone. I also knew that it would not be the same.
Fast forward one year later, I am here and two healthy beautiful babies are here. We are ready to celebrate Kyle and Mallory's first Thanksgiving and our first Thanksgiving as a complete family. I have a lot to be thankful for! I have a wonderful husband, who has, been through so much with me and has been supportive the whole way through. I also have three amazing children who light up my life everyday!!!
This year my thoughts are in the present and the future. I look forward to future Thanksgivings as the children grow and even one day with grandchildren running around!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Early Intervention

Well the babies had their Early Intervention Evaluation on Monday, July 16, 2007. At first both of them passed all the tests with flying colors. They are at a 7-9 month level at almost everything, except for cognitive. For cognitive, Kyle is between 11-13 months and Mallory is between 11-17 months. They are very smart beyond their age. The physical therapist was still very concerned about a few things even though they passed the first round of tests. She went out to her car and brought back in another test. This test was for their gross motor skills. They failed. They are both at a 2-3 month level. Not good. Their concerns are as follows;
Mallory: She was concerned because although she could turn from back to front, she could not turn from front to back. While on her belly, she could not extend her arms straight and pull herself up. She also has very weak muscle tone in her trunk. She is now beginning to stand on her toes too.
Kyle: He stands on his toes and no matter what the PT did she could not get his feet flat. He does not roll. While he is on his belly, he does not reach out in front of him nor does he extend his arms and push himself up.
They told me that these are conditions that could be fixed in a couple of weeks or could take a lot longer. Either way, they recommend that both babies receive physical therapy and that Kyle see an occupational therapist. Kyle's condition, if left untreated would have left him wheel-chair bound and unable to walk. Thank god we caught this in time.
Early Intervention is coming out again on the 31st to develop a plan and we'll go from there. Right now we are just trying to help them learn to roll over and doing various exorcises with them. It seems to be working. Kyle rolled from front to back for the first time yesterday.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

7 Months Old

Today the babies are seven months old. They are doing so well. They are both reaching for everything! Kyle said his first "word" last week. His first word was "Ni-Ni" for night night. Then in just one week he has added "DaDa, BaBa and MaMa". Mallory said her first "words" last night. She said "DaDa" and then seconds later she said "MaMa". Today she said "Ni-Ni". Kyle can sit up unassisted for a few minutes. Mallory tries but it hurts her back, she still has some weak muscle tone. Mallory can roll front to back and back to front when she wants to. She mostly just rolls side to side. Kyle has rolled both ways also but he chooses not to roll at all right now. He would rather stand. Kyle is very good at holding his own bottle, I just have to help him when it gets to the end. Mallory trys very hard, but again her weak muscle tone makes it difficult for her. She can hold her own bottle for a few seconds. They both love to be in water, bath or pool. They are growing so fast.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Matthew's first week of school

Matthew has finished his first week of school. This was a hard week. The first day, he clung to my leg and cried. They said he cried for a while. When he stopped crying, he still didn't play with any of the kids but he did okay. On the second day it wasn't any easier. The third day, however was a little easier. He let Ms. Rose hold him and comfort him. They said after that he was fine and played a little bit with the other kids. The forth day, again a little easier. He went swimming. Ms. Rose said that he just kept jumping in the water. He was so excited, they couldn't keep him out of the water. The Fifth day, was much better. When I dropped him off, he was whining but went right to his teacher. When I picked him up, he seemed very comfortable there. He walked around saying goodbye to all his teachers. His teacher told me that he played all day with the kids and in gym he played with the parachute and had a lot of fun. I'm so happy he's adjusting well. Let's see how it goes on Monday!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

March of Dimes Walk 2007

This was our first MOD Walk. It was good. We didn't get to stay at the reunion because it was too windy for the babies. Matthew did get to see Spiderman. Matthew felt really good about doing the walk. We all did. It was good to see some of the nurses from the NICU, although we didn't get to see any fellow preemies.

Matthew has officially given up on naps. Towards the end of the day he gets to be a handful. I was still forcing the naps because of his behavior until I realized he would behave like that whether he napped or not. When I was forcing his naps, it would take me three hours to get him to nap and then he would be up late at night. It was becoming a vicious cycle. I think giving up the nap time battle was the right thing to do and he even goes to bed at a normal time. Now every one's sanity will be spared.

Mallory and Kyle are holding their own toys for a limited time. They are growing and changing so much. The have their first Early Intervention Follow up tomorrow. I am really looking forward to it. We will find out if they have any delays, what they are and how to work on them. I think they are doing pretty well, although I do think Mallory will need some physical therapy. She doesn't hold her head up very well, so I think she has weak neck muscles. I also think she may need help with her arms. She holds them extended outwards a lot. She may need help bringing them in.

Matthew's Pop-Pop bought him a new Spiderman Fishing Pole today. Matthew is excited about learning how to fish.

This summer is going to be a lot of fun.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Five Months Old

Five months has passed since we've had our wonderful babies. I can't believe how fast the time is passing. It's very weird, in some ways it seems so long ago, then in other ways it feels like just yesterday. Mallory and Kyle are doing so great. Mallory is 14 lbs 12 oz and Kyle is 15 lbs even. They are smiling and laughing, holding toys, eating solids, trying to roll over and just being a constant joy!
Matthew has been an amazing big brother. I can tell he is missing out on his one on one attention. He is handling it pretty well. He is very protective of the babies. If someone asks him if they can take the babies home he replies, "No, you have to get your own babies. You can get them at the hospital". He thinks everyone should have two babies. He even thinks we should have two more. I don't think he knows what he's asking for.
I have been on bed rest lately due to a very minor surgery. Everything has fallen on my poor hubby. He has taken it like a champ. He is doing amazing. Although he wants to pull his hair out, he is handling everything very well. I hope he realizes anyone who is home with kids wants to pull out their hair once in a while. I appreciate everything he has done and his endless support. Thank you, Sweetie.
I can't believe all my dreams have come true and I'm not even thirty yet. I always wanted a husband and kids but I could never have imagined the great joy that comes with it on a daily basis.
My cup runneth over!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Very First Blog

Matthew is now three years old and doing well. He is a very sweet kid.
On November 24, 2006, we welcomed our twins, Mallory and Kyle. The decided to come 9 weeks early. Mallory Elizabeth came 1st at 3 lbs 4 oz, 16 inches. Then came Kyle Anthony 3 lbs 14 oz 16.5 inches. After four weeks in the NICU, they came home tiny, but completely healthy.
Now almost four months old, Mallory is at 12 lbs 9.6 oz and Kyle is at 13 lbs 9.6 oz. They are doing so good.
We started them on cereal last week. They didn't know what to make of it at first, but now they are up to 2 teaspoons a day.
Last night we took Mallory to Peds Express. She was wheezing and having some retractions. Luckily it is only an Upper Respiratory Infection. They said she will be fine in a couple of days.
This morning Matthew and Kyle are sick too. Three sick kids in the house!! It hasn't been too bad because they are all sleeping right now. Hence the time to blog!







Chris, Matthew, Kyle, Mallory and Niece Britanie

Chris, Matthew, Kyle, Mallory and Niece Britanie
Daddy having fun with the family

March of Dimes Walk 2007

March of Dimes Walk 2007
Spiderman, Matthew and Chris

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